The Harbour Office has opening hours every day, depending of the season – see notice at the office. Harbour fee to be paid at the vending machine, placed at The Harbour Office. Payment can be done with cash ( Danish crowns) or with credit card Visa. 

Bathrooms and toilets are in both the North-en and South-en part of the harbour. Entrance and payment for bath by chip-card, to be brought in the vending machine, placed at The harbour Office. Deposit and amount for consumption to be paid. Unused amount and deposit will be paid out by returning the chip-card.

2 washing machines and 1 tumble dryer. To be paid by the above mentioned chip-card. 

Common house with kitchen, TV and computer with internet is open for guests to 10 pm – outside terrace, can be used for barbecue. 

Wireless network 

Bathing jetty directly into fresh seawater at the South-Westerly part of the harbour. 

The harbour crane have a SWL of 12 tons and the rigging-sheers has a SWL of 300 kg. 

Slip way for smaller boats and dingy can be used against a fee of 60 Danish crowns. Season ticket is available fee is 500 Danish crowns. The slip way is in the South-en part of the harbour. Max draft is 1,20 meter. The use of the slip way for the permanent user of the harbour is free.



, Bryggerivej 4, 8400 Ebeltoft, tel:+45 86 34 15 88

Health Center, Nørreprot 4, 8400 Ebeltoft, tel: +45 86 34 18 88

Police, Community police station, Lundbergsvej 2. 8400 Ebeltoft, tel +45 87 52 14 48 

Dentist, Skelhøjevej 2, 8400 Ebeltoft, tel +45 86 34 25 52


There is one boat equipment stores in Ebeltoft: 

Lindberg Sport, Havnevej 1, 8400 Ebeltoft, tel +45 86 34 10 33

Commodities, supermarkets and good restaurants within walking distance of the harbour.