Position 56° 11´47 N / 10° 40´01 E

Sandhagen on the East side of the entrance to  Ebeltoft Vig is marked with 3 green starboard  buoys – W – NW – N of the shallow. Course at the Northerly starboard buoy (NW of Sandhagen) from this course 104 degree true at the starboard buoy (N of Sandhagen). 

Boats with draft above 1,8 m continue in bearing 104 degree true (same as light beacon 2 red light) approximate 100 m from the fishing harbour course to be changed to S and the entrance to Skudehavnens will at the port side. This way there be approx. 3M depth all the way. 

Boats with draft less than 1,8 m can from the inner Starboard buoy (N of Sandhagen) have course directly towards the entrance to Skudehavnen true bearing 112 degree.. 

Skudehavnen is the harbour to the South, and entering is safe both day and night. In the harbour mooring is done with aft mooring post at vacant berths with green signs. The largest berth are in the Northern par of the Harbour. The pier heads are reserved for visiting boats and are marked with green signs. Mooring to be done along sides.