Boats below 10 metre 

 130 kr

Boats from 10 to 13 metre

 150 kr

Boats above 13 meter

 260 kr


Harbour fee to be paid at the vending machine, placed at The Harbour Office. Payment can be done with cash ( Danish crowns) or with credit card Visa. Chip card for payment for bath, deposit 40 kr and extra money can be loaded onto the card for payment of bath, laundry etc.  



Crane assistance

Ebeltoft Skudehavn has a crane, SWL 12 tons. Rigging-sheer with SWL 300 kg, Fee for use 100 kr.

Lift with large yoke
(above 7 tons)

1.000 kr

Lift with small yoke (up to approx. 7 tons)

700 kr

Transport with carriage
(owned by the Harbour)

200 kr

Boats up to 21 feet

350 kr